Local ‘Wonder’ kids star in new documentary

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You may have seen the ads for the upcoming movie ‘Wonder’ starring Julia Roberts. It’s the story of a young boy living with a major facial anomaly.

Thursday night, some local stars walked the red carpet for the premiere of a similar movie.

Four youngsters who are featured in a new local documentary walked the red carpet, before adoring fans. The local children are in a new film called “Just Like You."

It’s a powerful story with a very simple message: People living with facial anomalies truly are just like you.

The documentary details what life is like for children living with facial anomalies such as facial paralysis or a cleft palette from their own perspective and from the viewpoint of the children’s best friends.

“He’s the same as everybody,” says Andrew Stone, a nine-year-old who considers Winston Bertrand his best friend.

Bertrand was born with lymphangioma, a disorder of the lymph nodes that throws off normal facial development.

“He’s my friend and we play together all the time,” Stone said casually.

“He’s a nice and he’s funny,” Bertrand says of Stone.

“I am so inspired by these kids, they are so brave,” said Jen Greenstreet, CEO of Just Like You Films. “They chose to step in front of the camera and really step onto a global stage.”

The star treatment, complete with paparazzi and autographs came as a thrill to the youngsters in this documentary, and it meant the world to Jennifer Bertrand, Winston’s mother.

“As a mom who has gone through a lot of medical challenges, you just kind of dream of this kind of a moment,” Jennifer Bertrand said. “Where they are so confident and willing to be in front of the world and be their true self and celebrate it with the film like this.”

"Just Like You" will be available on YouTube on Tuesday, Nov. 14.