Police capture suspect in numerous rape cases who may have been posing as Uber driver

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City, Mo. Police Department says the suspect in numerous rape cases who may have been posing as an Uber driver has been captured.

Antwan T. Crosby, 33, was wanted on aggravated rape charges. He has been named in numerous sexual assault cases throughout the city.

Police said he is known to pick up intoxicated women in Westport and Power & Light District, and may have been posing as an Uber driver.

A spokesperson for Uber, Kayla Whaling, previously told Fox 4 Crosby is not an Uber driver and has never been registered in their system. Uber has posted these tips and safety features on their website for anyone using the app.

FOX 4's Shannon O'Brien went to Crosby's address listed in the court documents. A woman inside the apartment would only yell at the FOX 4 crew through the door.

"He don't live here. Would you get away from my door?" the woman said, adding, "Yeah, I knew him but he don't live here... Get away from my door. No more questions."

Court records state that the car used in the rapes was a red Pontiac Grand Prix registered to a woman Crosby knows. That car matches the description of one we found sitting outside of Crosby's Lenexa apartment.

"Stop taking pictures of that car," the woman inside the apartment demanded when Fox 4 was there earlier this week. When asked if that is the car that was used int he alleged rape, she replied, "no, get away from that car."

People Fox 4 spoke with in Westport are scared about sexual predators lurking around Kansas City's entertainment districts, waiting to pounce on their victims who are not in a position to protect themselves.