Shawnee Walmart shooting victim understands Texas good Samaritans’ motivation

SHAWNEE, Kan. -- A pair of Good Samaritans are being credited with stopping a gunman’s rampage at a Texas church Sunday. A church neighbor engaged Devin Kelley in a gun battle after Kelley killed 26 people. The neighbor then ran to Johnny Langendorff's truck, and they chased after the suspect at 95 mph.

It was the type of life-or-death decision people who end up being hailed as heroes make in an instant.

Josh Owens did just that. He decided to act after he had just walked out of a Shawnee Walmart in September 2016.

“Stopping him was the only thing that came through my mind," he said. "If I didn’t stop him she could get further hurt, the baby could get further hurt."

The Air Force veteran heard a woman's screams and saw a man assaulting her and her baby as she put the child in a car seat. So he ran toward them and tried to hold him down until cops arrived.

“When I tackled him to the ground, that’s when he brandished a weapon, and I had no option at that moment just to fight through it,” he said.

Owen was shot in the face, chest and wrist. Suddenly he was the one who needed someone to come to his aid.

“It was clear he was going to take my life," Owen said. "That’s when good Samaritan 2 ended up shooting back and pretty much saving my life."

The suspect, John W. Simmons II, was killed. A second man with Simmons, Arthur Fred Wyatt III, pleaded guilty to attempted murder. His case was continued last week before sentencing when he fired his attorney.

Both Owen and the other good Samaritan were given awards for courageous action by police.

Though Owen doesn’t consider himself a hero, he says the man who saved his life -- and the two men who sprung into action near the Sutherland Springs church -- are.

“To go out and put your self on the line for people that you don’t know or to stop an instance from going further, it shows a lot of love for the community," Owen said.