Dozens of area schools come together to agree on code of conduct in sports

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Hundreds of teens from 39 area schools coming together to create code of conduct for their schools.

"Loser." "You stink." "I’m going to kick your butt."

Those are just some of the negative comments young student athletes hear, not only from other teams, but from students and parents in the stands.

To get rid of this poor sportsmanship, hundreds of teens from 39 area schools came together today to create a new code of conduct.

They hope to create a set of rules for their classmates to abide by while playing a sport or rooting from the stands.

They will then take it back and teach it to their peers.

These students say they don’t like being yelled at or insulted by the opposition.

"Last week during the game that was a big fight with the opposing team, and the parents in the stands were yelling at my team and it needs to be solved really quick," said John Watts, Platte County Senior.

"Hopefully today we will figure out how we’re going to go back and show our teams how to be better sports," said Austin Kincaid, Platte County Senior.

This is the first time in awhile this many high schools from Western Missouri have come together for this topic and they hope to continue it in the future.