Local music artists using talents to discourage violence in KC’s urban core

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Music artists say they have a role to play in reducing violent crime in the urban core.

Hip hop performers are collaborating at the Arts Tech center to bring neighbors together in peace.

Local artists are planning events like demonstration driving and boxing for the most violent neighborhoods. The idea is to bring people together with music as a common theme.

Many of the performers say they've experience the pain of bloodshed in urban core neighborhoods.

And though music has helped them escape the violence of the streets, they say Kansas City's surging homicide rate continues to touch the lives of friends and loved ones.

And they believe exposing more folks to the joy of music can help change that.

"The crime rate in the community affects every household," said Lucci Staxx, a hip hop performer. "It doesn’t even matter if they’re not involved in the streets. It’s got so bad that it hits everyone. What we’re trying to do is bring the community back together with the music because music gives you good joy and good feeling."

Staxx survived being shot three times more than ten years before he found the path of music, which led him out of poverty and the street life.

Other performers believe they too can bring people together in peace.

Sometimes the message of rap music seems to promote violence. Performers say it's meant only for entertainment. Unfortunately, some try to become part of a bloody lifestyle that was never intended to be reality.