Police not happy after active shooter call in Overland Park turns out to be a hoax

OVERLAND PARK, Ks. -- Business operators and police in Johnson County spent Tuesday afternoon on edge.

Law enforcement officers say 911 dispatchers received a call about an active shooter, but that call for help turned out to be a hoax. Police say they're not happy about being called out on a fake emergency.

Overland Park Police spokesperson John Lacy said officers were called to One Stop Decorating Center, which sits near the busy intersection of 135th Street and Metcalf Avenue. Lacy said police were told a man in a trenchcoat had a gun and was terrorizing people as an active shooter.

However, once officers arrived at the business, the store's staff said they didn't call for help. Lacy said police tried returning the call, but nobody answered.

Law enforcement officers were all over the neighborhood near 135th and Metcalf, making sure homes and local businesses were secure. Nearby schools were placed on lockdown, but it didn't take long for them to return to normal.

Lacy said investigators don't plan on letting this false report slide.

"We called the person back, and the person would not answer, Lacy said. "That leads us to believe there's a little bit more to this story. There's another backdrop to this story. We're going to investigate that."

Justin Hoover, a manager at One Stop Decorating Center, said his staff was unaware of the commotion outside until police armed with rifles arrived at their door.

"I was fine honestly. It wasn't too scary," Hoover said. "I got the word that everything was OK, so we just kind of hung out in here, and we didn't really see too much telling me we needed to panic or anything. They handled it pretty well."

Two employees at the Jimmy John's sandwich shop next door also told FOX 4 News they didn't see the supposed active shooter either.

"It was a little scary, but we didn't even hear anything," Hoover said. "If anything was happening, I didn't think it was close. Obviously, they thought this was the area that it happened in. It wasn't too alarming really."

Lacy said police take fraudulent calls like this one seriously, especially in the light of Sunday's mass shooting in the San Antonio area, where more than 20 people were killed by an active shooter.