KC couple helping in Puerto Rico says they’re disappointed with the government’s response to devastation

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Michael Kilkenny and Heather Gibson moved to Puerto Rico last spring to begin a new life dedicated to helping others reach their fitness goals.

The couple left behind lucrative careers in the Kansas City area to find something different on the U.S. territory.

They have found a new mission in life, even if it isn’t the one they predicted.

Kilkenny and Gibson have been working day and night to deliver drinking water and vital supplies to residents struggling on the island.

"Every day presents a new opportunity to do something we've never done and it’s been pretty cool," Kilkenny told FOX 4 via Skype Wednesday night. "Everything from learning how to run a chainsaw to cut down huge trees with nothing but a machete."
It’s been 49 days since Hurricane Maria toppled power lines, homes, and businesses on the island.

More than 800,000 homes and businesses still do not have power and it is believed some people on the island will not have power until next spring or summer.

Kilkenny and Gibson have set up online fundraisers to buy trucks to deliver water and they say they are overwhelmed by the support from friends and family back in the Kansas City area.

"I am absolutely not embarrassed to say that I’ve cried probably more in the last 50 days, not only out of frustration, but more so from the joy of helping people," Kilkenny said.

Kilkenny was not shy about expressing his disappointment with the federal government's disaster response in Puerto Rico.

"Absolutely disgusted," Kilkenny said. "I think it’s pathetic and I think it’s a disservice to, frankly, people who are part of the United States. There’s no excuse."

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