KC police still searching for man they say stabbed woman to death, seriously injured man at West Bottoms gas station

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police are still searching for the man they say stabbed a woman to death and injured a man Wednesday in the West Bottoms.

According to police, the stabbing occurred at a gas station near 12th and Wyoming Street around 5:50 p.m.

The stabbing stemmed from an argument between two people.

“A witness stated that she observed the male victim and also the male suspect get into an argument and that’s when the male suspect stabbed the male victim. The male victim had a female friend with him, it appears she came in and got involved in the disturbance and that’s when she was stabbed also,” Officer Darin Snapp with the Kansas City Police Department said.

Police say the woman died at the scene and the man was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Police told Fox 4 the weapon used for the stabbing involved a knife attached to a cane.

“It’s for self-protection is what they sell it for, it’s legal to buy in a store. It’s just a cane, but the end of it pops off and there’s usually a small knife on the end of it,” Snapp said.

Police did say the suspect, they described as a black man wearing all black in his 50s, is on the run. He was last seen heading west.

“I know the suspect, we’re looking for a black male, he’s approximately 50 years old, he’s carrying some kind of cane type device that appeared to have a knife on the end of it,” Snapp said.

This is the 125th reported death in Kansas City this year.

“Last year we had a bad year and this year we’re approximately 20 over last year's count. So we’re doing a lot of good things to hopefully calm the violence down, but it’s up to the public to help us out,” Snapp said.

Rosilyn Temple with Mothers in Charge works extensively with homicide victims families across the metro. She`s been busy this year due to an increase in violence in the metro.

"How do we allow us to get to 125, how do we be okay and go to sleep every night and knowing that someone`s child, someone`s loved one, someone loved these people.... How do we as a community allow this to keep happening," Temple asked.

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