Sleepyhead Beds has been helping KC families in need get a good night’s sleep

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Imagine being a kid and not having a nice, soft bed to be tucked into every night.

It happens a lot more than most can imagine. FOX 4's Kathy Quinn went to the warehouse at 56th and Troost with details on how you can help change that.

Since 2010, Sleepyhead Beds has delivered over 4,000 donated, gently used, and recycled beds to Kansas City metro area children in need of a comfortable place to sleep. That's over 3 million nights of restful sleep!

These beds are recycled and delivered free of charge to families in need. They are the only organization in Kansas City who is focused solely on this mission.

Kathy Quinn spoke to Executive Director Jamie Berry. She said they hold distribution events about every 3 weeks; at their last effort, they saw about 93 families waiting in line to receive a bed. She said they gave away about 200 beds in a 4-hour period.

Doug Kean, also with Sleepyhead Beds, said something they are desperately lacking is the bedding to go with those beds. He said they only have about 25 percent of the bedding they need, and about 10 percent of the new pillows. He said they are looking for organizations who would be interested in holding a pillow drive or a bedding collection.

If you're interested in helping Sleepyhead Beds, check out their website.

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