Raytown man, 24, charged with murder for deadly shooting outside Blue Springs restaurant

John Jeffries

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker charged a Raytown man in the fatal shooting of another man Thursday outside a Blue Springs restaurant.

John Jeffries, 24, is charged with 2nd degree murder, 1st degree robbery and two counts of armed criminal action.

According to court documents, someone called to report two men in a white mini-van with Kansas plates in the parking lot in the 1500 block of NW Woods Chapel Road. the caller said ‘one guy shot the other guy and then took off.’

Clinton Peckman, killed Thursday, Nov. 9th outside Blue Springs restaurant.

When police arrived, they found Clinton Peckman, just outside his work van. People at the restaurant had tried to save Peckman by pressing on his wound to stop the bleeding, but when police arrived they report there was no life in him.

“I was inside, and we had a ladies luncheon coming in,” said Michelle Lyons, a waitress at Bethlehem Cafe. “And all of a sudden the girls were panicking, and one of the other servers told me there was somebody lying in the parking lot, and found out from the ladies luncheon that somebody had been shot in the parking lot.”

Police say Peckman was in his work van, heading to either the gas station or Home Depot when he crossed paths with Jeffries. Police do not believe the two knew each other prior to the shooting.

Police say after he shot Peckman, Jeffries fled and tried to take a car from a driver at another nearby restaurant. A man said he and his wife were in their Ford Edge when Jeffries came up behind him and demanded his keys, pointing a gun at him and his wife. The man told police that when the man got into the driver’s seat, he grabbed the suspect’s arm and brought it up towards the ceiling, away from his wife. The gun went off in the ceiling of the car.

Witnesses say the suspect put the car in reverse, struck the curb and almost hit the building before the car stopped running. The man says the suspect then took off running east.

Police tracked him down and say they found a .45 caliber handgun between the building and the dumpster.

Prosecutors requested a bond of $250,000. Police said this is the second homicide in Blue Springs in 2017.

One person was shot and killed outside this Blue Spring restaurant.