Jack Sock’s tennis tricks are impressive, but no match for Roger Federer

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LONDON — You know that feeling when your best just isn’t good enough? Jack Sock knew it all too well on Sunday.

The Overland Park native attempted to flex his muscles on the tennis court facing down Roger Federer, one the game’s all-time greats, with a tricky between-the-legs return at the opening day of the ATP World Tour Finals in London.

The return shot beautifully back to the other side of the net. With Federer lunging back to the center of the court, Sock seemed to approach the net thinking he had won the point.

Completely outstretched, Federer managed to bat it away, and because he’s Roger Federer, the ball dropped perfectly in Sock’s unreachable corner, leaving Sock with nothing to do but shake his head.

“He thought the party was over after this shot,” the announcer said. “That was good! That was even better.”

It was quite a valiant effort on Jack Sock’s part, but in the end, Federer eased to a two-set win.