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Five homicides in three days have police seeking public’s help to curb gun violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Five shooting deaths during the last three days have police pleading for the public's help.

Police say they're taking new steps to stop the shootings.

This year's homicide count currently stands at 130, compared to 131 total for all of last year.

The most recent shooting death happened Sunday night about 6 p.m. near 63rd Street and Beacon Avenue.

Police say it appears there was a shootout between two cars traveling on Beacon between 63rd and 64th streets.

One man died in one of the cars, another suffered a gunshot wound to his leg and is expected to survive.

Frustrated police say it appears those involved knew each other.

"We are putting in a bunch of new programs," said Darin Snapp, of the KCPD. "We are putting more police on the streets. You are seeing our traffic officers now not only writing traffic on the highways, but also going into the inner city and doing that. We have a lot more people on the streets. We are putting different programs into place."

Police are asking for the public's help to stop the shootings. Snapp says if you have a friend or loved one who is upset and can't handle it, call the police. Officers will come out and try to prevent any situation from turning violent.

Police believe getting just one suspected shooter off the streets can make a big difference in the homicide rate because oftentimes detectives find one bad person is responsible for multiple killings.