Officer accidentally fires gun after truck speeds through yards, hitting home

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KANSAS CITY NORTH -- A police officer accidentally fired a gunshot late Sunday night while pursuing a man in the Northland.

Police say there's been a recent rash of thefts in the neighborhood near Northeast 67th Street and North Lawn Avenue, where there's a lot of new construction underway.

Officers on patrol at about 11 p.m. Sunday spotted a pick-up truck prowling slowly through the area.

When police tried to stop it, the truck took off, speeding through the yards of homes, running over a homeowner's fence and actually hitting a house before the truck stopped.

But even when stopped, police say the driver initially would not come out and surrender.

"As they approached the car, both officers had their handguns out not knowing what to expect," said Darin Snapp of the KCPD. "The vehicle began revving it’s engine. The officer attempted to break the window out with his elbow. When he did that unfortunately his finger pulled on the trigger and the gun fired."

Police say no one was hurt, the gun was pointed in a safe direction toward some nearby woods, and the bullet didn't hit anyone.

Officers took the pickup driver into custody.

Police say any time an officer fires his gun there is an investigation. And that will happen in this case to determine if the officer acted properly.