Still no answers after investigation reveals more than $7,000 missing from Olathe school’s PTO fund

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OLATHE, Kan. -- As of Monday, there are still no answers after more than $7,000 went missing from an Olathe school's PTO fund.

On Friday Fox 4 first reported the embezzlement investigation.

Fox 4's Molly Balkenbush attempted to go to Briarwood Elementary's PTO meeting Monday night, but the principal asked her to leave and said it was customary to get permission before going on school property.

This is the second time since Friday the school principal asked Fox 4 to leave the school property, and the PTO still hasn't responded to our request for more information.

Christopher Korb, the school's principal, said Fox 4 isn't allowed in the meeting because the PTO runs separately from the school district.
He also declined to share details about Monday's meeting with us and told Molly she was not allowed to interview concerned parents in the parking lot.

Fox 4 also reached out to the PTO on Facebook, but they don't respond to us.  According to the PTO's Facebook post, several 2016 deposits haven't been accounted for. The money was noticed missing back in August.

The PTO said they have established a new accounting system with a strict guidelines and open communication.

Fox 4 still has questions about the new system, but nobody will answer them.