You will never guess Will Ferrell’s favorite holiday dish

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Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg team up again for "Daddy's Home 2." The story takes place during the Christmas Holiday. The pair share their favorite holiday dishes which are a couple of unlikely choices. Mark Wahlberg said he prefers egg whites and Stove Top Stuffing while Will Ferrell said he enjoys pickled herring on toast. Inspired by Ferrell's favorite dish Tavernonna Executive Chef Bryant Wigger was inspired and created a potato latke and smoked salmon dish.

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Potato Latke with Smoked Salmon

Recipe by Executive Chef Bryant Wigger, Tavernonna Italian Kitchen.

3 ea Russet Potato

1 small sweet onion small diced

Salt and pepper

Smoked Salmon

Crème Freiche

1 bunch chives chopped

Canola Oil

Peel and wash russet potatoes.  Shred with box grater into a bowl.  Squeeze out excess water, season with salt and pepper and add onion, and chives and mix.  Add canola oil to pan about ¼ of an inch and turn on medium heat.  Take potato and place in hot oil with a spoon (be careful with the hot oil not to splash back).  Take a spatula and press lightly to make the patty.  When edges are browning flip over and finish cooking the other side.  Take out with a slotted spatula and place on paper towel to dry off any excess oil, season with salt and pepper.  Take salmon and place on top of each latke in a nice circle or rose shape.  Take a dollop of crème fraiche or sour cream on top and finish with chopped chives