CNA’s quick action saves a man’s life after shooting at KCMO night club

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Sherri Davis says everything was peaceful until the end when she was out with friends and family last Friday.

Late that night, Davis said she went to Bob’s In Motion Nightclub near East 57th Street and Troost Avenue to celebrate her son’s 33rd birthday when bullets ripped across the air.

“Everybody just started running, panicking and screaming," she said. "People were hiding in bathrooms, behind the bar and just trying to get out the front door. It was just all kind of chaos."

Police say a disturbance first erupted inside the bar, and then someone fired gunshot and took off. Investigators say two people were shot.

Sherri Davis told Fox 4’s Robert Townsend one of the victims is an “innocent man” who was at the nightclub for the first time with his girlfriend.

“They were sitting across from me, and I just kept asking was everybody all right?," Davis said. "His girlfriend was screaming and panicking. She said no, he’s been hit in his stomach area."

Davis, a 53-year-old mother of two and a certified nursing assistant with 30 years experience, instantly knew she had to help the bleeding man.

“I told them I’m not a nurse, but I believe my training as a CNA just kicked in," she said. "I just yelled somebody bring me towels, lots of towels. A worker brought me the towels, and I applied them to his wound. My hand started to get a little weak, and that’s when I just put my knee on the towel, holding it on his injury until police and paramedics arrived.

Amid all the chaos, she kept her cool.

“He just kept going in and out, and he was saying ‘Just save me, just save me,’ and I wasn’t trying to be a hero," Davis said. "I just wanted to help him and save his life and make sure everybody was alright."

Police and paramedics are convinced Davis’ quick actions definitely helped save the man.

“I hear he’s still in the hospital and that bullet is still in his stomach," Davis said. "I just hope he’s doing better, and I also hope police can catch all those involved."