Kansas City School District performance scores not high enough to remove ‘partial accreditation’ status just yet

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The state just released this year's Annual Performance Report for all school districts, which combines state test scores with attendance, college and career readiness, and graduation rates.

Kansas City students scored higher in language arts and science compared to last year.

But overall, the district’s test scores weren’t high enough to gain the district full accreditation – they will remain partially accredited for another year.

They recognize they need to improve turnover.

Right now, around 40-percent of all Kansas City students are moving to different schools during the school year, and that transition slows a student’s academic growth.

They also want to improve attendance, hoping that will lead to better test scores.

In comparing KCMO's APR  scores with the Independence School District, Kansas City schools dropped from last year - but Independence improved a lot.

They scored at 95% - the highest scores in the district’s history.

It is worth noting that the Missouri Department of Education threw out the MAP scores for Algebra I and English II, claiming the vendor who provided the test questions did not give the state usable results – so that might skew the APR results just a bit.

The Missouri Department of Education is expected to release APR scores for every Missouri school district later today. Click the links below for additional information about the test results.