Lady Gaga fan battling breast cancer gets surprise of a lifetime with a special meet-and-greet

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KANSAS CITY, Mo -- FOX 4 viewers helped a metro woman surprise her mom for her 68th birthday, by bringing her face-to-face with the star whose music helps her during her battle with cancer.

Joan Reichenberger

Joan (pronounced JoAnne) Reichenberger was out on the town Wednesday night with her best friend and her two daughters. The girls' night was in celebration of the grandmother's 68th birthday. They were carefree for the evening, but it didn't erase Joan's years-long battle with Stage 4 breast cancer. She said, "I’m sure it’s been tough for the whole family. I try to do the best I can."

Her daughter Jenny McGinnis said Lady Gaga's music has helped her mom on this difficult journey. "She loves Lady Gaga’s music," McGinnis said. After she bought 4 tickets to the show, she decided to reach out to Gaga's team. She's emailed them every week for the last several months trying to get the superstar's attention. "Her music is so deep and it’s cool to see. I think it’ll be really fun for she and my mom to get to meet," said McGinnis.

Jenny McGinnis

She had no luck. That's when she reached out to FOX 4. She said, "You wrote back to me right away. It wasn’t selfish, it wasn’t, 'I want this as a story.' It was, 'I’m going to help you.'"

Her mother had no idea McGinnis was trying to arrange a meet-and-greet. FOX 4 used social media, and the help of Gaga's bassist Jonny Goood, to coordinate a meeting between the two, which is scheduled for after Wednesday's night show.

McGinnis said, "The song 'Joanne,' Lady Gaga talks about how it’s not your time yet. My mom’s still 68, she has a lot of living yet to do."

Joan said she doesn't like pity from people, and it's the reason she wears a wig -- a wig that she pulled off right in the middle of our interview.

"Sometimes I don’t feel so great, but what you have to do is get yourself into that shower, put your wig on," she said with a smile as she yanked off her wig. "Don’t look like this! I could, but I don’t want to, because people will come up and hug me and say, 'I’m so sorry.' No, I don’t want that."

Here is the original tweet from FOX 4 aimed at nabbing Lady Gaga's attention. Thanks to you, our viewers, it was retweeted hundreds of times.

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