Overland Park dog dies after owner says she was poisoned, resembling similar Waldo incident from last week

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- An Overland Park woman says her beloved dog died -- and the pup's death resembles what happened to a Waldo woman earlier this week.

Now she's warning others after fearing someone served up hamburger tainted with rat poison to both dogs.

"We took her to the vet," Terrie Walterman said. "She was totally healthy. You can chat with the vet. there was nothing wrong with her."

The hamburger patty stuffed with rat poison pellets that a Waldo woman found in her backyard.

Walterman said she and her daughter, Kim, adopted their husky mix, Missy -- a.k.a. Cream Puff -- four weeks ago from Great Plains SPCA.

"I let all the dogs out in the backyard," she said. "They all go out and play. When my other two came in -- she liked to stay outside because she's a husky, and she has a lot of fur -- and so I didn't think anything about it.

“Sunday night she came in, and she just laid on the floor," Walterman said. "We tried to pet her and you know. Then Monday morning I got up, and she was at the foot of my bed. She was dead.”

Walterman said they don't use any type of fertilizer or rodent control in their yard, and she's careful about what she feeds her pets.

Upon closer inspection, Walterman said Missy got into something that made her sick.

"My daughter checked with somebody that she said was an expert, and he explained to her what rat poison looked like," she said. "She had thrown up several times, and she said this is what she found -- little brown pellets."

Walterman and her daughter said they watched Fox 4's coverage on a similar incident in Waldo earlier this week.

Now they said they wonder if there's a serial dog poisoner going around.

They took Missy's body to an animal clinic, where they left her.

"She was a good dog. She didn't bark a lot,” Walterman said. “I have no idea why they targeted this dog. I just don't know.”

Walterman said a toxicology report would cost about $1,000, and they don't have that kind of money. So they have no way to test their theory.

"This is a terrible thing, to have somebody go out and kill a dog," she said. "And rat poison is horrible."

They've posted about this on their neighborhood website, alerting neighbors to be aware of what's happening and check their yard.

She says she's watching her other dogs very carefully now. Overland Park animal control officers are now investigating.