Three friends recall dodging bullets when man allegedly shot at cars near Shawnee Mission Parkway due to road rage

SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Reese McDowell and his friends literally dodged a bullet on Friday night.

“I leaned forward to turn up the music and as soon as I did that I heard this huge pop and shattering,” McDowell said.

He was leaving a restaurant Friday night and on his way home, he said. He was about to turn onto Shawnee Mission Parkway when gunfire broke out.

Keith Perisho, 20, of Olathe, was arrested and later charged for murder after they said he fired at a number of cars, including McDowell’s. Police believe the incident stemmed from road rage.

Keith Perisho

“Due to where the bullet came into the car, if someone was in the passenger seat they wouldn’t have survived,” McDowell said.

No one was seriously injured. McDowell suffered minor injuries to his arm. His friends, Tyler McMahan and Chelsea Malcolm, were in another car just feet from where the shooting happened.

“I was in denial," Malcom said. "I didn’t think it was gun shots at first even though my window was rolled down and I was right there. But once you saw your friend on the ground and you saw his window, you were like ‘OK, we’re really in the middle of all of this.'"

“It’s very scary. It’s very disturbing that the individual that did shoot these vehicles wasn’t thinking of the consequences of his actions,” McMahan said.

Actions that forever changed the lives of these three friends.

“We always stress out about the little things in life or these inconveniences. But when something like this happens, you realize life is short and you never know when you’re life is going to end,” McMahan said.

“I have a new appreciation for life. I’m just very thankful I was able to literally go home that night,” McDowell said.