Police release photos of vehicles seen leaving laundromat where KCK teen was killed

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Family and police are looking for the public's help to identify a suspect in the murder of a 15-year-old KCK boy.

December Htoo was found dead Saturday morning inside a laundromat near 34th and Gibbs Road where he worked part-time.

KCK police tell Fox 4 they still have no leads as to who shot the teenager. Police returned to the laundromat Monday -- still investigating what happened.

There are no surveillance cameras inside the laundromat, police said. But Monday evening, police released photos from exterior surveillance footage of two cars leaving the laundromat the night before Htoo was found.

Police said they would like to speak with the drivers of those vehicles. They are not considered suspects at this time but might have information to assist detectives in their investigation.

KCK police are asking anyone with information to call police or the TIPS hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

Investigators are hopeful tips from the public will help them find Htoo's murderer.

Htoo's mother Ma Than said her son was the nicest kid.

She and her four children left their native Myanmar after living in a refugee camp during the Burmese civil war. She said they thought they were moving to a safe place, and then this tragedy happened.

December Htoo

"He didn't do anything wrong, and he was really nice to everyone," Than said through a translator.

Now she's demanding to know who killed her son, but also pressing is the fact that she hasn't been able to see her son's remains yet.

"When we got there, we couldn't go in," she said. "There were a lot of police. I was really upset because I couldn't go in and see my child."

Customers and friends built a memorial outside the coin-operated laundry center, expressing their grief over the teenager's shooting.

"This can't be happening to us. We're just a small family," Than said.

Htoo was a student at J.C. Harmon Elementary School. The family's apartment proudly displays medals he'd won as a varsity wrestler.

KCK School District spokesperson David A. Smith said the district is working to help people process this traumatic event.

Smith said Htoo was known as being the first student who'd welcome new kids to the school -- and his murder is a baffling heartache.

"It doesn't make sense, and there's no explanation for it, and they're struggling with it," he said. "They're also struggling with why this would happen to such a good kid. It just doesn't make sense to them."

Htoo's sister, Htoonay Say, says his funeral services will be held Friday morning at Highland Park Funeral Home -- and everyone is welcome.

Diana Bueso, a close friend of the victim, is planning a vigil in his honor this Wednesday and started a GoFundMe account to help his family with funeral expenses.

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