Operation Breakthrough and City Union Mission embrace families, homeless with ‘the spirit of Thanksgiving’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- We’ve all been to all kinds of drive-thrus: fast food, liquor stores and more. But how about turkeys to go?

“I think it’s so great what they’re doing and how they’re sharing so much with us, “ said Mikaila Herron, a mother of six little ones.

“They are just wonderful people and what they’re doing is just a blessing. I think it’s also incredible, “ said a beaming Kori McGowan, a single mom who has three daughters.

On Tuesday afternoon, two days before Thanksgiving, almost a dozen staff members and two volunteers with Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City spent the afternoon on the go.

“We totally enjoy this. It’s a lot of work, but in end, it’s so worth it, “ Madea Bradberry said with a huge smile.

Bradberry and her dedicated team were busy passing out free turkeys, all the trimmings and cooking pans to families who need a little help this holiday season.

“In the boxes are all kinds of vegetables, canned goods, stuffing and other things they’ll need for their Thanksgiving meals," Bradberry said. "These are parents of our students at Operation Breakthrough Early Childhood Center. We help them year-round with other assistance, but today it’s all about providing them with the food."

“Thanksgiving can really be expensive, costing at least 70 to 100 dollars and for those of us who are single moms and on fixed incomes, it can be hard," Kori McGowan said. "I thank God for these people and all they’re doing to share with us."

What’s more, the moms and dad receiving all the holiday goodies Tuesday never had to get out of their cars.

“Oh no. We take all the food boxes off our trucks, carry them to the families’ vehicles and then place them in their cars," Bradberry said. "We just want to help them as much as we can."

In the meantime, at City Union Mission on Tuesday night, more than 200 men who range from 17 to 70 received an early Thanksgiving meal.

“This is a hard time for many of them, and so we just want to feed them, encourage them and give them hope for the future,” said Dan Doty, executive director of City Union Mission.

Back at Operation Breakthrough: grateful hearts.

“This really is the true meaning of giving. Thanks to you all!” Herron shouted.

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