Struggling to find clothes that fit, metro woman with 2 prosthetic legs gets surprise from ‘Car Santa’ and clothing company

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – On Monday, Fox 4 introduced you to a young woman who lost both legs in a horrific train wreck. In that short minute and a half, so many of you were moved and shared warm thoughts on our Fox 4 Facebook page.

On Tuesday, 24-year-old Mandy Horvath told us about some of her struggles, including some as simple as the clothes she wears. Then one metro man stepped in with quite the surprise.

See Horvath's reaction to her big surprise in the video player above.

Horvath said three years ago, she was drugged and dumped on a set of tracks where a coal train hit her and severed both legs above the knee.

Hundreds of people responded to the story on social media, which is where Fox 4 found a post Horvath put up Tuesday about the small victory of finding a pair of pants she can wear with her prosthetic legs.

“I actually have to put my jeans on my legs first, then put my legs on, then pull my pants up." she said.

She said each item she puts on takes about 15 minutes each.

Horvath is working with Terry Franz this holiday season to give cars out to 20 families.

“They’re really remarkable. Not only do they donate these cars, they donate them with toys and food, whatever the family may need,” she said of the "Car Santa."

Franz caught Horvath’s story Monday night. That’s when Car Santa decided to become Clothing Santa.

“I thought we’d be able to help her," Franz said. "You know she’s just getting used to her prosthetics, and I like to see her in it because she’s been working at it for quite awhile.”

Fox 4 told Horvath we’d seen her post about the struggle to find and pay for clothes that fit. We told her we just wanted to do a second interview with her, this time about that post.

What she didn’t know is that Fox 4 connected her with a company called Custom Adaptive Clothing that specializes in modifying and making clothes for people who need modifications.

Horvath was sweetly surprised. Franz is putting $100 toward whatever Mandy wants to purchase. The woman behind the company has also offered to match Franz’ $100 donation.

“I go through a lot of stuff, and clothes is just one of those little things,” Horvath said.

Franz understands.

“It’s the little things,"  he said. "A little bit of fashion doesn’t hurt a girl, and maybe it’ll get her more motivated to use those prosthetics a little more. She’s a super, super girl.”

Franz and Mandy are donating cars to this year’s 20 families at an event December 15. Make sure to check for Fox 4 coverage then.

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