Teenage thieves with gun rob single mom during night out in KC, then show up at her house

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 37-year-old single mom says she has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving after two crooks robbed her at gunpoint early Monday morning.

It happened near 39th and Terrace streets, and after the thieves got away, the woman says things got even scarier.

"It’s very freaky, very scary," said a still shaken Marcia Carrillo.

That's because after snatching her purse and keys, the car the crooks used was spotted in front of her house just a few minutes after the robbery.

Carrillo works as a server at Artégo Pizza on 39th Street.

After getting off from her shift Sunday night she and some friends visited taverns on the 39th Street strip to unwind.

After the bars closed at midnight she walked with a friend, who lives nearby.

She says there's usually plenty of security and police along 39th Street, but not on this night.

"We were not even a foot or two away from walking into his house and we heard like we heard (footsteps sounds)," Carrillo said. "Turn around and there’s a gun in my face. Telling me to shut the fxxx up, to give them all the money we have."

Carrillo says the two robbers armed with a handgun, pistol-whipped her friend when he initially objected. That's when she handed over her purse, phone and special KU jacket that she earlier posted a selfie in.

Afterwards, Marcia called home and described the dark-colored BMW the thieves used.

Her disabled father immediately spotted a similar car on his home security camera staked out in front of their house. Fortunately, he says the brazen robbers did not try to take the crime one step further and instead drove off.

"I know stuff happens, but there are people out here who are trying to survive and live, and help their families," Carrillo said. "I work hard for what I get. To be a victim like that, it’s scary! I don’t care, it can be replaced. All that can be replaced, but not my life or my family’s lives."

Carrillo describes the robbers as just teenaged boys, but the whole time she was afraid the gun would go off.

Taking her life is something that can't be replaced. As a single mom, she says her kids and her father depend on her being there.

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