Fascinating memories of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a favorite holiday tradition for many families. Here’s the fascinating story of the rise of this iconic holiday tradition.

  • This is the 91st year.
  • In 1924, Macy’s opened the World’s Largest Store and to celebrate, decided to put on a parade.
  • The first parade featured animals from the Central Park Zoo and floats that matched the store’s window displays.
  • The route was longer back then–  about 6 miles long.
  • The parade was so popular, Macy’s promised it would be back next year. It has happened every year except from 1942-1944 during WWII.
  • In 1927, they stopped using live animals from the zoo. Balloons became a big hit and back then, they released the balloons after the parade.  If you found one of the released balloons, you were awarded with a $50 Macy’s gift certificate.

Why did that stop?  You guessed it– a safety issue.  Watch the video for some great black-and-white photos and the specific reason they stopped releasing the balloons!

If watching the parade is an annual tradition– enjoy!!