KCMO family receives new furnace thanks to generous metro business owner’s monthly giveaway

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One metro businesses owner wants to heat homes owned by the less fortunate -- while warming their hearts too.

A family living near Sterling Avenue will no longer brave the cold, thanks to an act of holiday season generosity.

Houseguests on Thanksgiving weekend are nothing new. But when Jordan and Mistie Reed heard a knock at their door Friday, the answer to their prayers was on their doorstep.

"You guys are going to be the first recipient of our furnace giveaway," Scott Baird said after greeting the couple.

When Baird gave them the news they'd won a free furnace, the Reeds were stunned. Jordan Reed has owned their home since 2010, and Mistie said the house was a government repossession, which still has a bevy of items that need repair.

"There's gotta be somebody else who deserves it more," Mistie Reed trembled.

Baird is the owner of Baird Heating and Cooling, and once per month, he's choosing to give away a free furnace to a family in need from the metro. Baird said his judges select their winners from entries that are sent to them detailing each family's needs. A new furnace with installation can cost as much as $4,000.

"I figure I'm in a position to be able to help out," Baird said. "I just want to do something good for the community and give back to people in need."

Baird guesses the old Lennox furnace in the Reeds' basement to be almost 30 years old. He said it's rusty, and it's on its last legs. The furnace has been red-tagged by gas inspectors, meaning the Reeds can't use it to heat their home.

"I'm still in shock," Mistie Reed said.

Mistie said she and Jordan were married almost two years ago, and times have been tough. She said they're both still in school, and both have suffered work-related injuries in recent years -- and Jordan's mother recently passed away.

Money for home improvements is hard to come by.

"We repair a little as we can, here and there, when we can afford it," Mistie Reed said. "We were told last winter that the furnace probably wouldn't make it through the winter. It had been repaired and repaired and patched as many time as we could."

Baird said Mistie's mother entered them in the contest. The Reeds said this is the answer to heartfelt prayers.

"I can't change the world overnight but definitely can help once a month with what we're doing," Baird said.

He said he isn't finished blessing others. He intends to give away one furnace per month until the spring, and then he'll shift to giving away air conditioning units. Baird said he's still looking for Kansas City metro people in need, who might be considered for future giveaways.

Find more about Baird's furnace giveaways by visiting his company's Facebook page here.

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