Metro woman’s phone with last photos of her late father stolen during Black Friday shopping

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time of the year for families to spend time together and reflect on great moments and memories.

Unfortunately, someone stole the last memories Destanie Hurt had of her father Friday night while she was out shopping for her children on Black Friday.

“We were waiting for one of the hot items, the Baby Alive (Doll) and the Barbies, and I had my cell phone in my cart," Hurt said, "and I believe that’s the time when paper was getting cut that my phone was stolen."

Her father, J.R. Williams, died of a heart attack in 2015. He was just 54 years old.

All of the pictures she had of her father were destroyed in a house fire, and all she had left is what was on her cell phone, which she said is an iPhone 7 in a glitter-covered rose gold case.

“We were here for our kids and just to know that somebody else went home with something that was not theirs -- especially around the holiday season -- I would just appreciate it if they return it or at least send the pictures into somebody so that I can have them,” she said.

Her husband Brandon Hurt was with her Friday morning.

“Both of her parents are gone, and that being the only pictures or memories she has of him, that’s probably the most frustrating.” he said. “Other people just think they can make a quick buck of the phone, but they don’t understand it’s not just the phone. It’s the personal stuff that people have on those things.”

Destanie Hurt said the memories on that phone were all she had to show her children the man their grandfather was.

“My dad was a really funny guy," she said. "He just always tried to make everyone laugh. He was caring and giving. I just wanted something for my kids to be able to grow up to and listen to and see the videos and pictures with him."

It’s not the phone Destanie Hurt said she wants back, she just wants her father’s memories back.

“You can’t replace memories, pictures," she said. "You can replace the phones but not time spent with family and loved ones that are gone. It’s not about the phone. I just would really like the pictures off of there and videos and voicemails for our kids for our own personal sake. That’s all we have left.”

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