KCK to vote whether to approve multi-million dollar Healthy Campus as part of plan to revitalize downtown area

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A major vote set for Thursday night could be the spark needed to breathe new life into downtown KCK.

Commissioners with the Unified Government will vote whether to spend $2-million to buy the land at 10th and Minnesota and design a Healthy Campus. If approved, they can then move forward with the vision of improving the overall health of those who live and work in downtown KCK.

The rendering below shows what this $40-million Healthy Campus will look like.

Rendering of what the proposed facility would look like.

At the heart of it is a $12-million state-of-the-art community center to be run by the YMCA. There will also be a large grocery store.

The city is close to signing a letter of intent to negotiate with a grocery store operator, and that’s just the start. There will be lots of green space, sidewalks, a farmer’s market, an urban garden, and more housing built in this area.

By offering fruits and vegetables, a place to work out, and green space with sidewalks for families to enjoy, they hope to improve the overall fitness of those in downtown KCK. This has been the dream of Mayor Mark Holland since he took office four years ago.

Wyandotte County has consistently been ranked the unhealthiest county in Kansas, so this is the city’s way of improving the lives of its citizens. And just as the Legends transformed western Wyandotte County into a fun, hip place for people and families to go, they hope this Healthy Campus will revitalize the downtown area.

Unified Government Commissioners will hear a presentation on the Healthy Campus at 5 p.m. – the vote on whether to approve the funding to buy the land for the Healthy Campus will happen at 7 p.m. during their meeting on the first floor.