Missouri lawmaker plans to introduce legislation to ban bump stocks in state

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Missouri lawmaker is behind a new effort to ban the gun part that gained national attention after the October deadly shooting rampage in Las Vegas.

On Friday, Missouri Rep. Richard Brown is expected to hold a press conference to address legislation he's filing about bump stocks.

"Bump stock only has one real purpose -- that's to shoot a lot of bullets in a short amount of time," Brown said.

A bump stock is a legal attachment that can make a semi-automatic rifle fire multiple rounds, similar to an automatic weapon.

"There is a Texas manufacturer by the name of Slide Fire that owns the patent to the bump stock," Brown said, "and once the shooting took place in Las Vegas they temporarily stopped selling the bump stock. But they have resumed sales now that the controversy has subsided."

Brown said banning bump stock devices is a safety issue that people can agree on, regardless of their political affiliations.

"This is an issue about keeping people safe," Brown said. "This is not taking your gun away from you. I'm a proponent of the Second Amendment. I believe in responsible gun ownership; however, with the bump stock it has no purpose except to kill a lot of people in a short amount of time."

The press conference is scheduled for noon Friday, Dec. 1, at the KCPD South Patrol Police station.