Heartbroken friends, family pay tribute to innocent 24-year-old robbed, murdered outside his apartment

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On a chilly, windy Monday night dozens of mourners huddled in a circle, lit as many candles as they could and comforted each other at a vigil for 24-year-old Zach Pearce.

Friends, family, neighbors and a few strangers holding on to each other remembered a young man who touched them all in so many ways.

Kansas City police said Pearce was shot and killed Sunday night outside his apartment near 40th Street and Walnut.

“He was killed for no reason at all," longtime friend Corissa Nohrenberg said. "I’m just so sick of all the gunfire. When will it stop? Who’s going to be next?"

Nohrenberg said Pearce was like family to her and he inspired her in countless ways.

“He was going to change the world,” she told Fox 4’s Robert Townsend during a candlelight vigil in honor of her friend.

Police said just before midnight, Pearce and a friend walked home after a night of fun. Within moments, police said three robbers pulled up in a maroon SUV, robbed the two men and then sped off.

Pearce’s loved ones and friends can't make sense of it because they say Pearce did everything the robber asked, but he was shot anyway and instantly lost his young life.

“It just really hurts and hits hard when you’re there cleaning out his apartment and realize he’s not coming back," Briana McCarter said. "There was a woman driving that maroon SUV and if she’s a mother -- to do this to somebody else’s child, somebody else’s family -- I just hope she comes forward and speaks out."