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Independence mother shocked after prosecutors decide not to press charges in daughter’s fatal shooting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An Independence mother said she can’t mourn her daughter’s death because she can’t get answers from investigators. On Monday she found out that no one will face charges for the shooting.

After a board of veteran prosecutors held a review hearing Friday, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said Monday it is not pressing any charges in the daytime fatal shooting of 32-year-old Jessika Peppers in August.

Peppers was shot and killed in the middle of the afternoon at a home at 58th and Cambridge on Aug. 25. Her family said she was trying to get a phone and computer back from her ex-boyfriend.

David Love told police someone broke into his house, had a hammer, and he shot them in the hallway.

“He shot her in the side of the head from less than four feet away, with a shotgun," Jessika’s mother Carol Peppers said. "Don’t tell me at two in the afternoon, you do not know who you were shooting.”

Peppers said there were warning signs. She said her daughter told a friend before her death that Love said, “The next time he sees me, he’ll blow my f***ing head off.”

Public records show Love’s criminal history, which includes a felony charge of Receiving Stolen Property, probation violation and a warrant issued one week before he killed Jessika.

“How do you have that many cops at your house because you just shot someone and nobody knows that you have a warrant out for your arrest?” Carol Peppers asked.

Love isn’t facing any charges for Jessika’s death. Prosecutors cite a “possible self-defense claim.”

“You wonder why there are 134 homicides in this town? This is why," Peppers said. "People know they can get away with it. I can just shoot my ex-girlfriend in the head and keep on living my life.”

Court records show Love’s mother filed for an Ex Parte (or restraining order) against her son in July, but then filed in September to have it terminated. Jessika Peppers was shot and killed in August. One of the terms in an Ex Parte is that the subject surrenders any weapons.

Prosecutors said the Ex Parte was not discussed at last week’s hearing because it was later dropped.