Missouri auditor calls out vast pay gaps in school district superintendent salaries

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- After an audit showed vast differences in superintendent salaries at similarly sized school districts, Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway is calling on state education officials to do a better job of sharing top administrative pay across school districts in the state. \

Galloway’s recommendations to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education aims to improve accuracy and allow schools to make more informed budget decisions.

Data in the audit revealed that over a 12-year period, superintendent salaries have increased by 31 percent while teacher salaries increased by only 22 percent

The report also turned up disparities in superintendent salaries in districts of similar size.

Using salary data from the 2015-16 school year, Galloway’s report shows the superintendent of Lee’s Summit schools had a reported salary of $276,000 in a district with 17,700 students.

By comparison, for that same year, the superintendent in Columbia earned $167,000 with 17,200 students, and the superintendent in St. Louis earned $225,000 for a district with over 22,000 students.