No Violence Alliance takes three dangerous felons off the streets of KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police say the city is safer, at least in the short term, thanks to the recent arrests of three dangerous felons.

Undercover detectives who are part of the city's No Violence Alliance, say they were surprised by what they found last week, near 23rd Street and Cypress Avenue.

Detectives had been following one man as part of a robbery investigation, but when they stopped the car he was in, officers saw several people they know as part of the Young Hitters gang, run from another car and throw their weapons away.

"This is a huge win for the city, Kansas City's No Violence Alliance," police Capt. Chris Young said. "These individuals are involved in numerous robberies, numerous shootings. They are wrapped up in numerous homicide investigations as well. A big win for our city, citizens of Kansas City."

Detectives arrested the guy they were after, Chrizion Banks, at 12th Street and Bellefountaine Avenue. He now faces federal robbery charges. But police also took into custody Cedric Ford and Trevantae Stewart. Those two also face federal charges of being felons in possession of firearms. All three likely will spend serious time behind bars in a federal prison.

Police believe these three men are each connected to about ten other violent incidents in Kansas City, including homicides, robberies and assaults.

"These guys have been able to avoid the police and charges for some time now," Young said. "The bottom line is they intimidate their witnesses and the victims of the crimes they commit. It’s very difficult to bring charges. This time we will not need assistance of others in order to gain charges."

Despite surging homicide numbers, the No Violence Alliance continues to offer a way out for those caught up in a bloody lifestyle.

Young says about 150 people currently are getting assistance they need to give up a life of crime and become productive citizens in society.

Young says much of the group related violence involves drug dealing. But now that these three are behind bars, police are hopeful witnesses may come forward to help solve other cases and implicate other dangerous criminals.