KC man known for serving homeless, first responders set for surgery Wednesday after grilling accident

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You might have seen his bright red trailer with its own kitchenette and bathroom on the go around Kansas City.

“My dad has always been a server. He takes care of people before himself," Janna Jensen proudly said of her father, Scott Lamaster.

For the last 15 years Jensen said her dad has been taking sandwiches, snacks and drinks to the streets. But now, the dedicated, humble servant can't serve.

“He absolutely loves it," she said. "He’s really been doing it ever since I was a little girl. He cares for people who’ve been down on their luck and he looks at first responders like unsung heroes."

Jensen said her father has a pure passion for people -- especially Kansas City’s firefighters, police officers and homeless -- and that’s why Lamaster started his charity Taking It to the Streets.

Whenever officers or firefighters respond to scenes for a long time or if Scott sees a homeless woman, man or family in need, he wants to be there to provide a hot meal, a cup of coffee or one of his popular chicken sandwiches.

“He loves this ministry. He’s just got a heart for this ministry and a heart for Kansas City,” Jensen said.

Jensen isn't the only one who admires Lamaster.

“No matter what the weather conditions,-- cold, in the middle of the night or when we get called out -- he and his volunteers are there to feed us," KC Police Cpt. David Jackson said. "I remember one time he stayed out with us for 14 hours one day. He’s just an ambassador for Kansas City."

But a recent grilling accident has sidelined the KC ambassador.

Saturday afternoon, Lamaster was at home in Greenwood preparing meals to feed the homeless the next day when a propane grill exploded, tossing Scott 6 feet away and leaving him with severe burns on both of his arms, his face and his hands.

“I just hate to see my dad like this. I hate to see him down," Jensen said.

On Wednesday, the 58-year-old will undergo surgery.

“He’s in a lot of pain right now, especially on his arms where the brunt of the burns were," Lamaster's daughter said. "Still, he’s strong and has great faith, and I know he will be back on the streets stronger than ever."

Jensen said if all goes well with her father’s surgery, Lamaster should be able to leave the hospital no later than early next week. His recovery at home is then expected to last for two weeks.

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