Two metro families finally get good news after Fox 4 Problem Solvers stories on sewer problems

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kent Cable finally has some good news.

Fox 4 Problem Solvers first reported on the Grandview homeowner last summer after a clog in the city’s main sewer line caused $14,000 in damage.

Cable was upset with the city because the sewage kept flowing into his house -- despite repeated calls for help.

“They said they would send a crew out,” he said. “They claimed that they did. We never saw them.”

Grandview Public Works Director Dennis Randolph said the city wasn’t responsible for the mess in Cable’s home. He said if Cable disagreed, he should sue the city.

So Cable hired an attorney who threatened to do just that. Long story short: Grandview paid Cable $20,000 for the damage to his home.

There’s more good news on the Problem Solver front from Rhonda Burns and her family.

When we first met Burns in October, she was stuck living in a dilapidated house in Kansas City’s east side that smelled even worse than it looked because of broken sewer line in the basement.

Burns, who is raising three grandchildren, was renting from Eternal Life Church. A woman there told us there was nothing the church could do to fix the problem.

Not long afterwards, Kansas City Code Enforcement officials evicted the Burns family from the home after declaring it unfit for human habitation.

Although life look bleak then for the family, it’s much better now.

“I'm doing really good,” said Burns who, with Problem Solvers help, found a safe place to live at Restart Inc. “Kids are going to school like they are supposed to. Everybody seems like they are happier.”

Since our original story aired, multiple Fox 4 viewers have offered beds, tables and other furniture to help the family once they find a permanent home.

And that’s not all. Mandy Koziol and her husband wanted to give the Burns financial help. The Koziols wrote a check for $400 to pay off the family’s outstanding utility bill. That will allow the family to qualify for new service once they move out of Restart and into their own home.

Plus the Koziols also gave the family another $100 check to cover immediate expenses.

“We have been blessed in our hard times in life,” Mandy Koziol said. “God has been good to us, and I knew this woman just needed some help.”

Rhonda Burns was grateful for the help. She said she hopes to be in an new home by January.

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