December 6th is Microwave Oven Day

No one is sure how it came about, but Wednesday, Dec. 6 is National Microwave Oven Day.

The ‘National Day Calendar’ website suggests ‘celebrating’ by cooking an entire meal in your microwave oven.

When they were first sold (Sears had them in their catalog in the 1970s, according to this account), microwave cookbooks offering full-meal microwave recipes were in abundant supply. Now they’re frequently found at thrift stores lost in all the books.

American engineer Percy Spencer is credited with discovering a way to heat food in microwaves. He was working on active radar, when he noticed his candy bar melting. Spencer then reportedly tried cooking popcorn and then an egg in the microwave.  Popcorn worked well but the egg had issues.

‘National Day Calendar’ is looking for posts on social media of how your microwave dinner turns out. Use the hashtag #MicrowaveOvenDay and here’s hoping for successful meal preparation!