KCK woman’s collection has grown into a massive Christmas village display

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- You might think you have a lot of Christmas decorations, but this KCK woman probably has you beat.

For more than two decades, Carol Shewell has been setting up an entire Christmas village in her home.

The massive display started in 1994 or 1995, and it has everything from a circus and carnival to "Cokeville" and a McDonalds.

"I get whatever I can every year," Shewell said. "My kids get them for me, and friends will see a house and call -- 'You have this?' and if I do, I say, 'Bring it anyway.'"

Shewell and her husband even had their own miniature figures made. She puts them somewhere new every day and challenges guests to find them.

Watch the video above to see everything that goes into Shewell's Christmas Village.