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Joe’s Weather Blog: Dry and more dryness ahead (THU-12/7)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Good afternoon…crisp would be the weather word in the region today with cold temperatures and a chilly wind blowing. It’s going to be another cold next few days (context: this is supposed to happen) and then we should see some moderation just in time for the football game on Sunday. Another developing story locally is the continued dry weather in the region that won’t change for that least the next 8-9 days, if not more than that.


Tonight: Mostly clear and cold with lows in the teens.

Friday: Variable clouds with highs approaching 40°

Saturday: Partly cloudy and cool with highs again near 40°

Sunday: Breezy and warmer with highs well into the 50s to perhaps near 60° (of everything works out perfectly)


Off note…I’ll be taking a few days off from FRI> with the lack of weather to write about…I may only do a blog or two between FRI and next WED…

The weather is rather boring locally…and aside from tracking temperature changes…there really isn’t a lot of weather to speak off on a day to day basis right now. I promised you a few days ago…a lot into the dryness which is becoming somewhat of an issue to a minor extent in the area. The latest Drought Monitor came out showing no strong changes in the region…on the MO side there has been an increase in the “severe” drought category towards south central and east central MO…the St Louis area is considered in a “severe” drought.

To put this in historical terms…I looked at when the rain stopped…the 23rd of October…then I added in a few days…and took it through the 10…this coming Sunday…then I wanted to see where we’re going to rank in terms of the lack of moisture…

An impressive #2!

IF we are to stretch this farther out…to the 17th (10 days from today)…we’ll be #1

So it’s dry…

It’s NOT unusual to have dry weather during this time of the year…NOV>JAN can be rather dry months when looking at the individual months themselves.


Average monthly precipitation

So will things change…we again…not for at least the next 7 days…

There are some weak signals that as this ridiculous ridge out west starts to finally break down next weekend that something could come through the Rockies and affect the Plains…BUT by then the cold air source that will be lingering in the region at times between now and then…will be pushed back northwards towards the northern US…so I would have questions about the cold air availability…the moisture availability for whatever system to work with…the the strength of whatever would come this way. I can’t even really get excited about any change till perhaps the middle or end of NEXT week.

By the way this likely relaxation of the amplified flow that has been such a problem for the western US and the local Santa Ana winds…will allow those winds to ease up considerably later next week. With that said though…the next 15+ days are still looking bone dry out there…

Speaking of the fires out in California…check out this video.

Our feature photo comes from Sandra Summers-Hanaway out by Lake Lafayette, MO


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