Lenexa neighborhood rattled by big boom from SWAT training they weren’t warned about

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LENEXA, Kan. -- SWAT training literally rocked a Lenexa neighborhood earlier this week as neighbors say loud explosions rattled windows and startled children.

"It was just a really loud percussion boom," homeowner Haley Kagol said. "It kind of shakes the house, and you feel it in your chest. It was definitely like `What was that?'"

That's a question many in Kagol's Stoneview neighborhood were asking themselves Wednesday night.

"It was scary at first because the first time you heard it, your heart started racing, and you didn't know what it was," she said. "You
thought it was your kids. You thought something happened in the neighborhood. That sort of thing."

It was a noise that Matthew Lee and his wife Ashley are somewhat familiar with.

"I think the first time happened about a month or two ago," Lee said. "Throughout the day there were several big booms, and we all kind of figured out eventually that's what it was."

But he said the boom on Wednesday was a lot louder than any of the ones he's heard before.

"On our neighborhood Facebook page, quite a few people were really shook up by it, said it woke up their kids," Ashley Lee said. "They felt like their house shakes some."

Neighbors said Lenexa first-responders use several properties in the area for training, setting off tactical weapons, such as flash bangs. After a few calls to 911, they realized that's what SWAT officers were doing nearby.

"We fully support training around here because it's a great thing," Ashley Lee said. "Just letting us have a heads up would be appreciated."


That's something Lenexa police understand.

The department issued a statement, reading in part: "We do apologize for the lack of communication earlier this week and are doing everything within our power to address and rectify the situation to prevent this from happening again."

The department said the training did not present any danger to residents, which brought some much-needed relief for neighbors.


"Just knowing that your family is safe is always a really big deal and not worrying about their safety is important," said.

Despite the brief scare, neighbors fully support the department and its efforts and feel the noise will be worth the result.

"I`m all for it," Matthew Lee said. "The more training, the better."

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