Mysterious chemical odor at Park Hill South High School forces early dismissal to ventilate school

RIVERSIDE, Mo. — Leaders at Park Hill South High School, 4500 River Park Dr.,  decided to dismiss early Friday after a mysterious odor forced students and staff out of their classrooms and into the commons area.

The Kansas City HazMat team tried to determine the source of the odor but did not find it.  School leaders say about half the students in the school, those located in the area of the ‘mysterious odor’ were evacuated to the commons area. The others were told to remain in their classrooms.

Along with the district maintenance staff, the Kansas City, Mo., HazMat team decided to ventilate the school. Students would have to be sent home early to do so. The school is also receiving assistance during this event from Riverside Police.

Six students who didn’t feel well from the chemical odor went home even before dismissal.

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