Take a behind-the-scenes look at Hallmark’s archives, including two of the first mass-produced Christmas cards

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some of the first mass-produced Christmas cards live here in Kansas City.

Only 12 of the cards, which were originally printed in England in 1843, still exist, and you can find two of them in Hallmark's archives.

Also in the archives: the first ever wrapping paper. Hallmark holds the credit for inventing it. They also have more than 4,000 original pieces of artwork from well-known people, including Salvador Dali, Winston Churchill and Walt Disney.

The archives are important for Hallmark's current employees.

"They can look at past designs -- everything from greeting cards, postcards, anything in the collection really that's based on current trends in the market place or maybe anniversaries that are celebrating. They can use those designs to create something new," Hallmark archivist Samantha Bradbeer said.

Watch the video above to take a behind-the-scenes look at Hallmark's archives.