Driver of FedEx delivery truck dead after crashing into stopped traffic along SB I-435 north of 23rd Street

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Distracted driving may be to blame for a man's death on Interstate 435 Tuesday morning.

Police closed the southbound lanes near I-435 and 23rd Street for more than two hours.

Police say the chain reaction collision involved a total of four vehicles.

Just after 8:30 a.m., police say a FedEx truck southbound on I-435 failed to slow down for heavy traffic that had come to a near stop on the highway during the morning rush.

The delivery truck rear-ended a Dodge pickup, then veered off into a guard rail, where the truck caught fire.

Police say the Fed Ex contractor did not escape the wreckage and died on the scene.

"Based on the damage to the vehicles, without fully investigating it, just from experience, just from what I can see, there was a little bit of a little bit of speed involved," said Capt. Joe Crayon, of KCPD's traffic division.

Police say they're amazed that a crash at highway speeds involving four vehicles didn't seriously hurt any of the other drivers. Investigators shut down the southbound lanes for at least two hours, while police made measurements to create diagrams of the crash scene.

Although the holiday season is a busy time of year, police say unfortunately, distracted driving is becoming more common year round, with more technology and devices at our fingertips. After completing their analysis, investigators hope to be able to explain why this crash happened.

A representative of D.R. Sherry Inc., the FedEx contractor operating the delivery truck, declined to comment on the crash.

One person is dead following a crash involving a FedEx truck.

Crash along I-435 at 23rd Street.