UPDATE: Third person found dead in KCK house fire being ruled as ‘suspicious death investigation’

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Officials say three people died Tuesday after their bodies were found inside a house that caught fire in Kansas City, Kansas.

Police are calling the three deaths suspicious.

The fire broke out around 3:22 a.m. near 8th Street and Troup Avenue. Crews arrived on the scene four minutes later and found at least two people dead inside. Tuesday afternoon KCK police said a third person was found dead inside the burnt home.

The identities of the three victims have not yet been released.

"There's a lot to comb through," Fire Chief John Paul Jones said. "There's a lot involved with the fire investigation. A lot of debris, the sifting through. You know, looking for potential cause and origin -- the things that point towards what may have initiated or caused this fire."

KCK Police Officer Tom Tomasic said this a "suspicious death investigation" due to evidence found, but he could not comment specifically on what is leading investigators in that direction.

However, KCK Police Chief Terry Zeigler said earlier it is a homicide scene.

Zeigler did not release any more details surrounding the investigation, but Tomasic said it's possible the individuals were killed and the fire was set to cover up murder.

"If this is, in fact, a homicide, and there are three bodies in there, this could be a hard one, but we'll figure it out," Tomasic said.

Officials will have to perform autopsies to determine the official cause of death, he said, and it might be several days before they are able to release the victims' identities.