A New Yorker built a replica of the house from “A Christmas Story” out of Legos

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NEW YORK. — A New York State man built a replica of the house from  “A Christmas Story” out of legos. Now he hopes Lego will build a set based on his design.

Designer Jason Middaugh said, “We spent close to six-months kind of scouring the Internet for all of the individual pieces that we needed.”

It started with Middaugh’s daughter’s love for legos. One Christmas he built a model of the family camp for his daughter.

He said “It’s one of those ones like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, seems to play on everybody’s TVs. It just kind of becomes that soundtrack of Christmas, which is neat.”

Middaugh needs 10,000 signatures for the Lego Review Board to consider his idea.

For now the Middaugh family is proudly displaying the Lego set in the front window. Just like Old Man Packer did in the  movie with the fragile lamp.