Flu-like symptoms spreading through Kansas City thanks to unstable weather

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Cough. Sneeze. Blow your nose. Repeat. That’s how Mandi White and her young daughter have been living life for the past week.

“I haven't felt like this since I was in high school. It's that bad,” White said.

White has been wearing a small mask to cover her nose and mouth to help protect others from getting sick.

“I've been sick for about five days," she said. "Just a lot of congestion, a lot of congestion, constant coughing, really bad cold, fever, chest pains, like real sharp pains in your chest,."

Unfortunately, those symptoms are common for many in the metro right now.

“It is actually easy this time of the year when the weather is not stable," Nina Arakelova, a doctor with Continuum Health Care, said of the chance of getting sick. "Especially it effects the elderly population and people who are immune compromised."

Doctors said the not-so-wintry conditions are the biggest contributing factor as to why flu-like symptoms are affecting so many.

“It does not kill bacteria. It does not kill viruses, and for that reason, there maybe an increase in flu cases, an increase in virus infection,” Arakelova said.

But there is hope for relief as we inch closer to Christmas.

“Hopefully we`ll get more snow," Arakelova said. "Hopefully we'll get more cold days when we can call it winter and people will feel better."

But until true winter hits, there’s really only one thing White and others can do.

“Just Dayquil. Dayquil it up. Lots of Dayquil,” White said.