Student protest planned after racist message found on boys bathroom stall at KCK high school

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Students at a metro high school are planning a protest after someone found a racist comment Wednesday.

The words "kill all n------" were found on a boys bathroom stall.

Now, a parent said students at Piper High School in KCK plan to skip the first 20 minutes of class Friday morning in protest.

The principal at Piper said the school has zero tolerance for racist and threatening comments and is working to determine who is responsible.

"PHS maintains a zero-tolerance stance regarding racist, discriminatory, and threatening comments," Principal John Nguyen said in an email to parents. "School administration is working diligently with our School Resource Officer in conducting an aggressive investigation to determine the origin of the comment. At this time, the investigation has revealed no credible safety threat whatsoever to PHS students or staff. Your patience is appreciated as we continue to investigate and monitor the situation with fidelity."

A similar incident happened at Piper almost exactly one year ago. A student wrote "Kill all blacks" on a piece of paper. That students was later disciplined.