Piper High School in KCK holds forum to address racist graffiti found at school

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- ‪Administrators at a metro high school are addressing racism at school. Piper High School administrators held a community forum on Sunday evening to have important discussion about racism and student safety.

On Wednesday someone scrawled a message on a bathroom stall at Piper High School that says “Kill All N******.” After discovering the message school administrators held an assembly to address it on the following day. On Friday students held a sit-in as a silent protest to racism and the districts response.

During Sunday evening’s community forum many topics such as student safety, school policy, racism and diversity were all discussed.

“I think it was great, I think they had good dialogue, it didn’t get too heated, but there were challenges to parents and administration,” said Morris Letcher, Piper of a recent Piper High School graduate.

But students say Sunday night’s meeting didn’t ease their frustrations or calm their fears about safety at school.

“I really don’t feel safe here because anything could happen, they could bring a weapon to the school and harm us so anytime they put an action word in front of a race it’s never good so no I don’t feel safe,” said one Piper High School student.

Students say a similar incident involving racism occurred during the last school year and they don’t feel like enough disciplinary action was taken against the person who did it.

“If the school says that it has a zero tolerance, it should be zero tolerance period, it shouldn’t be you get suspended for a few days or a week,” a student explained.

During the meeting administrators pointed out that this is just the first in a long process of improving race relations at school.

“I’m an optimist, I’m confident, I live by hope and action so I think that the students have gotten the administration and the district’s attention so once we just keep dialogue and keep working with these values and core things that need to change we will be working towards what needs to happen,” said Letcher.

A police report has been filed and several students have been interviewed by school administrators. As of now no one has been disciplined in connection to this incident.

School leaders say since it happened in a bathroom and there aren't security cameras there it's harder to figure out who is responsible.

The school plans to host similar community forums in the future. The next school board meeting is scheduled for January 29TH at 6:30pm.

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