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Family remembers KC teen shot and killed as a “shining light”

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- “She was a happy, smiling baby,” Lisa Mitchell said as she proudly showed off pictures of her daughter, Alexis Mitchell.

Lisa Mitchell, mother

“Her smile, her laugh, her love and her caring spirit, that’s what I remember the most about her,” Mitchell told FOX 4’s Robert Townsend during an exclusive and difficult interview Monday.

“She had everybody laughing in the room once she came in. I mean we all just had smiles on our faces,” Maryah Mitchell says about her younger sister.

Now, the family cannot believe just days before Christmas they’re preparing for Alexis’ funeral.

Maryah Mitchell, sister

“I can’t even even explain the pain. I really can’t even explain what I feel. I feel empty and numb because my child isn’t here anymore, “ Lisa Mitchell says.

Lisa said last Wednesday Alexis, a sophomore at Raytown South High School, came home “in good spirits” and like always, Alexis loved helping her Mom with her in-home daycare.

“She played with the kids and she came and sat down and we kind of talked a little bit and then she said 'I’m about to go around the corner' and I said 'okay. Be careful. I love you.' I gave her a hug and told her I loved her,” says Lisa Mitchell.

Alexis Mitchell, victim

Alexis told her Mom she’d be back home just after five.  However, when the 10th grader didn’t return any phone calls, text messages and didn’t return home, Lisa knew something was wrong.

“All day that day, I just kept having this bad feeling and I didn’t know why. I told her dad 'let’s go around to that apartment,'” the weary Mom recalled.

The family soon learned someone shot Alexis in her head. The teen died two days later.

Now, Christmas is just around the corner.

Briana Strong, sister

“The holiday just isn’t going to be the same. Our lives have changed forever. I can’t believe I’m about to bury my little sister, “ said Briana Strong, with tears running down her face.

As of Monday, police and prosecutors did not release any new information about the person Kansas City police said was in custody on Friday.

Moreover, this point, FOX 4 didn’t know if the person is an adult or a minor.

“I just want to know what actually happened and why it happened. Meantime, I am choosing to hold on to the good memories of Alexis,” said Lisa Mitchell.

“I just want justice for my sister. I cannot sleep until I get it,” Briana Strong added.

On Saturday family and friends will gather for Alexis’ funeral. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses.