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Community rallies behind family down on their luck and living in the dark

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Eight-year-old Rashad Morrow is a third grader at Silver City Elementary School in Kansas City, Kansas.  Tuesday afternoon Rashad enjoyed playing outside with several of his buddies.  However, recently Rashad felt sad and down because he says he, his two siblings and his mom were living in the dark.

“It was not no fun at all. We couldn’t do anything,” Rashad told FOX 4’s Robert Townsend.

“We had a candle and it was sitting by the tv just so we can see,” adds the young boy.

“I struggle myself, taking care of them by myself, “ says Rashad’s mom, Rashae Morrow as she wipes away tears.

For the last four years, 27 year old Rashae Morrow worked from home in health care, but recently her pregnancy became a high risk and her doctors advised her to slow down.

When the the single mom suddenly stopped working, Morrow says her utility bill spun out of control and skyrocketed to a whopping $457.00.

Rashad know his Mom couldn’t afford to pay the electric bill.

“And I asked him I said Rashad write on what you want for Christmas,”  says Tammy Haught, Rashad’s teacher.

Concerned about helping his mom, Rashad penned a letter to his teacher.

“I told her I want our lights on and I told her that I would give her my Christmas money so we wouldn’t be sitting in the dark,” adds a worried Rashad.

Touched by the family’s plight, Tammy Haught knew she had to do something, so she sounded the alarm on Facebook.

“It all happened so fast. I mean so many people responded. People all around the Metro, Paola, Wichita, people I from our school and even people I went to school with years ago,” a jubilant Haught says.

The generous givers opened their hearts and wallets and paid the Morrow family’s entire bill and today Tammy Haught and her holiday helpers surprised Rashad and his siblings and delivered more than 30 gifts to the children.

“I really thank you all so much. My kids will be very happy,” an overwhelmed Rashae Morrow told the good samaritans with tears streaming down her face.

“It’s just a blessing to see it come together for you guys,” Tammy Haught told the humble, expectant mom.

As for Rashad, who made it all happen?

“I’m just so happy.  I’ve never seen this many Christmas gifts. Thank you!” Rashad told the holiday helpers when he hugged several of them.