Flames destroy Wyandotte County Sheriff’s cruiser after chase to arrest stolen car suspects

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. --  A high speed chase ended in a crash Tuesday afternoon and a Wyandotte County Sheriff sergeant's car caught on fire.

"This is the second time it has happened. My mom got hit a year ago cause of a high speed chase on that corner," said witness Jawanna Manning.

Fox 4's Shannon O'Brien was the first reporter on the scene after the car chase wound around a residential neighborhood at 33rd and Orville Ave., near Francis Willard Elementary School.

A sergeant with the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Dept., spotted the stolen truck at 7th and Parallel and the chase started. It ended three and a half miles away when the suspects crashed.

Watch the  video in the player above to see the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Department cruiser up in flames. The sergeant driving the car did not crash, but the truck he was chasing did. The sergeant was out of his car when he noticed his cruiser on fire.

A series of small explosions fueled the fire. Flames quickly engulfed the car and the smoke could be seen for miles.

"I just hear the 'The sirens?' Yeah and um, but I never thought it was so close to me," said Manning.

Another witness who did not want to show her face on TV was driving down 33rd Street just before 12:30.

As the chase raced down Orville Ave., she took a left into the path of the stolen truck and was hit, sending the truck into a stone wall.

Deputies quickly jumped out and arrested the four suspects in the stolen truck.

"They take it off their guns and all that stuff and the guy drive the car run away and I get scared," the witness said.

Jawanna Manning was visiting a friend and jumped out of the way of the commotion.

"I am like right there going across the street, I hear the truck, 'whoom', and then you could hear the sirens behind it so it was a high speed chase, I jumped out of the way, busted my knee cap."

Other than her injured knee, no one was injured int he incident, including the Wyandotte County Sheriff's sergeant.

In the stack of burned-up things recovered from inside his cruiser, there was a bible that the sergeant carries with him.

Mechanics will look over the car to determine the reason it exploded into flames.